Board of Studies

Board of Studies

The Boards of Studies are constituted in every department to review and revise the curriculum as per the prevailing regional, national and global needs. Inputs are obtained from experts inducted into the Board of Studies from various professional, industrial and technical organizations to enrich the curriculum. Faculty members from different disciplines connected with the design & development activity are associated with the process.

The Departmental Committees/Board of Studies initiate the curriculum development, teaching-learning process as suggestions of faculty members, feedback from Alumni and target organizations. This starts at the beginning of academic session. The revised syllabus is posted on the website. For the introduction of new academic programme, the proposal is submitted to Academic Council followed by Executive Council. The proposals finally get approved by the State Government.

The process of determining solutions to satisfy the needs of students from various courses is laid down and documented. The instructional design & development is documented uploaded on the University website.

The reviews are conducted at defined stages of the curriculum Design, in which faculty members from the concerned area as well as experts from amongst the peer group from within and/or outside the University are associated. Based on the reviews, the design is updated and brought into document control for revision. The design reviews are carried out at the end of each of the BOS meeting before submission to concerned statutory body. The new curriculum is introduced only after adequate approval.

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