Visitors Feedback

  • Prof. BN Singh
    Dept. of Zoology, BHU
    Excellent centre fully equipped with modern equipments. My congratulations to Vice Chancellor
  • Prof. M. Laxmi Kantam
    (Former Director IICT, Hyderabad), Tezpur Central University, Tezpur
    Excellent Facilitation and a great centre at Bundelkhand University
  • Dr. DV Kamboj
    Scientist F Biotechnology Division DRDE, Gwalior
    The Centre is excellent having state- of – the art instruments. I hope the centre will flourish further under the dynamic leadership.
  • Prof. Satish Manocha
    GGSIPU, Dwarka
    Excellent facilities. My best wishes for sustainable growth in future.
  • Prof. Lokendra Singh
    Director DRDE, Gwalior
    Excellent facility for multidiscipline of sciences i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Quality, latest equipments along with clean & good quality furniture is available. With such facility high quality research is possible by students
  • Prof. S.K. Agarwal
    Dept. of Biochemistry University of Lucknow, Lucknow
    Facilities in innovation centre are exceptionally good. It would definitely improve publications of the university and help other nearby institutions too in R&D-Prof.
  • Prof. Laxmi Bala
    HOD Dept. of Biochemistry, BBD University, Lucknow
    Excellent facilities are available. I am quite hopeful that it would tremendously improve publications from this university.
  • Prof. Ishan Patro
    School of studies in Neuroscience, Jiwaji University, Gwalior
    Greatly influenced with the way the facility is maintained. With such excellent facility the young scientists of this university can do excellent research and great publications. All in one place to do best in science.
  • Sangeeta
    Scientific Secretary, BRNS, DAE, Mumbai
    I am pleased to not only see the facilities at this centre, but to notice the level of upkeeping. One of the few cleanest labs in the country. The idea of putting all the instruments at one place for common use is commendable. Compliments to the authorities for this wisdom.
  • Dr. S. Kanan
    Head, Fuel Chemistry, BARC, Mumbai
    Excellent, clean and well maintained Lab. I am highly impressed with the cleanliness of this laboratory
  • Dr. N.L. Mishra
    Fuel Chemistry division, BARC, Mumbai
    The facilities for various experiments are comparable with one of the best labs. These should be used for scientific research in an intensive way.